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"Last night's event was contagious! It's great to connect with others on similar paths. Really highlighted the strength and vibrancy of Boston's tech and founder community, and reminded me of the importance of being there for each other. Looking forward to the next event and excited to be part of this evolving venture."

Dan Legmann

Co-Founder & COO at Partrunner

"Incredibly valuable. Everyone in the room gets it. If you are looking to start turning the entrepreneurship flywheel, these events are a must attend. I made five high-value connections in 90 minutes, all of which I am certain will pay dividends in the future. Really looking forward to the next one.”

Dana Wensberg

Senior Software Engineer I at Paperless Parts

"After recently moving back to the area, joining the MFM Boston community has super-charged my access to insightful & enjoyable conversations with fellow accomplished founders, also working on world-changing problems. Becoming the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with is REAL!"

Jack Potvin

Founder at Project Happy

"The MFM Boston Meet-up exceeded my expectations in terms of both the level of welcoming I felt from the group (especially as an aspiring entrepreneur) as well as the energy I felt in the room. I learned immensely from the group but also felt like I could speak up and make a contribution that was valued. I also know this group will help hold me accountable to move my entrepreneurship journey forward which I am looking forward to."

Adam Palmer

Sales Director at Procter & Gamble

"The MFM meetups are a great chance to meet with an awesome group of business owners and intellectually curious people from the area! Everyone is friendly and open to discussing business ideas, careers, podcasts, and offer advice if you want it! You'll wind up getting sucked into great conversations and leave the night feeling inspired and ready to tackle your next project!"

Bennett Jacobs

Senior Business Analyst at The Boston Beer Company

"A founders life can be quite lonely and many people have a hard time coping with the ups & downs. The MFM Boston meetups provide a wonderful opportunity to connect, build friendships and share insights with a diverse group of smart, driven and accomplished founders. Glad to be a part of this community. Looking forward to many more meaningful interactions!"

Sulagna Ghosh

Founder at Joint Family

"Being among a group of passionate, accomplished entrepreneurs is invigorating, and the MFM events create a wonderful opportunity for similarly driven professionals to network, brainstorm, and support one another. I left the event feeling more excited and fueled with creativity and ideas than I recently have. I can’t wait to attend the next one."

Sarah Coe-Odess

Clinical Psychologist at Harvard Medical School

"Finding a group like MFM is a rarity—a place where each meetup outshines the last, bringing together founders and passionate individuals. It's a gathering that consistently magnifies the best of Boston's innovative spirit. The hard-to-find combination of ambition, passion, and support this community offers keeps me coming back. Looking forward to more. If you value deep connections and a collective drive for greatness, MFM is where you want to be."

Austin Schoellkopf

Founder at Abbot & Oaks, NEAX, & The Silver Trade Route

"The meetup was great and the people were amazing. The group included both founders and those interested in one day founding companies - all of whom I found to be very interesting and generous. Everyone I met offered their time, their network, their experiences, and to help where they could. I feel fortunate to have met so many great people and can’t wait for the next one!"

Mike Hart

Co-Founder & CEO at Grantbase

"I leave the MFM Boston meetups feeling super energized. The community is full of passionate and tactical builders working on unique and impactful businesses. Easily one of the best local networks for anyone seriously interested in entrepreneurship."

Jacob Cohen

Managing Editor + Investment Support at Contrarian Thinking

"Had a great experience at the last MFM meet up. A lot of diverse backgrounds and projects but the common threads among everyone is passion, curiosity, and kindness. Made for great conversation and connections!"

Sam Shackleton

Co-Founder, Cross Path Capital

"I had a  great time talking to high quality founders about their past performances & their take on problems they encountered with useful notes from each one of them. It is a great opportunity to watch people act on things they plan. Nice caption would be Founders: Under the hood"

Akash Murthy

Co-Founder, Euprime

"There are few communities I've found where I have an instant connection to the group members. Even though we're all at different points in career/business the conversations constantly flow. I've been to all five meetups, and I've left each one with new insights and connections. Every person in the group has a unique perspective and it's refreshing to be in a room with people interested in the same topics."

Uzoma Egbuchulam

CX & Ops Leader at Allego

"The small, energetic group radiated a shared passion for community building and a genuine willingness to exchange ideas, providing valuable motivation for a young professional like myself interested in entrepreneurship. I eagerly anticipate the next meetup and hope to see an even greater representation of female professionals. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a supportive and inspiring networking environment."

Alicia Ma Shum

Program Coordinator at Boston Children's Hospital

"This is a group of high-caliber founders and thinkers. Some are just getting their start while others have already succeeded in building a large operation. The common thread is that everyone is going at it hard. Every conversation I had was interesting. These founders ask challenging questions that get you thinking about your business in a way that only another serious entrepreneur could provoke. Looking forward to the next one!"

Patrick O'Loughlin

Founder @

"Every MFM meetup is a guaranteed spirit-lift. I always leave with new knowledge and connections. It’s a warm, buzzing community eager to swap ideas and offer support. Whether it's advice, introductions, resources, or encouragement, there's a genuine drive to help each other succeed. It's more than just networking; it's about growing together. If you’re looking to learn, share, and be uplifted, these are your people!"

Madeline Mauboussin

Strategy & Analytics Consultant at Deloitte

"The voices, spirits, and ideas are electric. I knew from the first meeting I attended that this would be a cohort of individuals I wanted -needed to keep up, collaborate with, and build together. The blend of industries, competencies, and start-up challenges represented in MFM ignites productive discussions requiring more for an allocated 2-hour session. The heart of Boston entrepreneurs is here. Creative problem solvers are here. The future of local innovation starts here.”

Joël Nkounkou

Co-Founder, ecoText, Inc.

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